Frequently Asked

Questions and Answers



- Why Choose DontDitchItFixit? 


We have been in business since 2010 being recognized not only for our excellent costumer service but for using high quality parts along with our 90 day warranty! 

- Why do we need your Passcode?


 We value your privacy as much as you do!  Your Passcode is used solely for testing purposes before and after repairs.  

- Will I lose my data?


While the majority of our repairs pose no immediate risk to your data, we always advise you make a backup, if possible, before bringing your device in for repair. We will notify you before doing any repair that directly affects your files. (We are not responsable for any data lost)

- 90 day warranty?


DontDitchItFixIt repairs include a 90 day limited warranty. The limited warranty covers any defective part(s) supplied by us and our labor.  Warranty does not cover additional physical damage to your device or repairs done outside of DontDitchItFixIt.